Natural Hair Color Dye

Natural Hair Color Dye

The Natural Hair Color Dye we manufacture and export are made with 100% natural and pure ingredients. Quality controllers ensure the Natural Hair Color Dyes are hygienically processed such that only the pure form of Natural Hair Color Dye is delivered in the market. We offer the Natural Hair Color Dye at reasonable prices within a predetermined time frame.

About Natural Hair Color Dye

  • The exact color result depends upon your original hair coloring
  • As well as how you use your henna and indigo in this process
  • A 50/50 henna and indigo mix will typically create the black shades
  • Different people will get different results in terms of blue-black or burgundy-black or black
  • Repeat applications of your henna and indigo will deepen the color results over time

Dyes The Hair To

  • Black
  • Raven black
  • Blue-black
  • Purplish black
  • Burgundy black colors